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mercredi 27 juin 2012

Prince William Defends Elephants And Rhinos Against Illegal Poaching

When Prince William’s not busy being Kate Middleton’s knight in shining armor, he’s saving the animal kingdom one elephant tusk and rhino horn at a time.
In an interview today with BBC, Prince William spoke out against the illegal ivory poaching taking place to serve the ivory craze in the Far East. He’s such a gentleman in every way!
“It’s a message about educating people and understanding that when you buy that rhino horn or when you buy ivory you are taking this from an animal that has been slaughtered…Is that really what you desire and you think is right in the world?” Prince William told BBC.
As the royal patron of the wildlife charity, the Tusk Trust, William now also supports a program that is returning three black rhinos born in captivity back into the wild in Tanzania.
“I think [we need to] make people aware of how delicate and fragile these animals are, and how much damage we are doing to them and to the wildlife and natural ecosystem around them just by our neglect and ignorance,” William said.
His interview came out just in time for the Discovery Channel’s premiere of its one-hour special, “Ivory Wars.”
The in-depth look at the illegal poaching that is bringing elephants close to extinction premieres June 23 and shows filmmakers finding elephant carcasses, visiting an elephant orphanage and seeking out ivory dealers in Africa and China.
Hollywoodlifers, tune in to the Discovery Channel on Saturday at 8 p.m. and support William’s cause!
Written by Yasamin Azarakhsh

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